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Fall 2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
Fall 2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre, Specialization in Musical Theatre, BAC

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The theatre program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the baccalaureate degree, students in Theatre are expected to:

  • Critically evaluate theatre as an aesthetic form and cultural text.
  • Evaluate production and performance processes, aesthetic properties of style, and the way they shape and are shaped by artistic and cultural forces.
  • Justify informed judgments about performance and production.
  • Evaluate the social, economic, and technological factors that shape theatre from different historical periods, historically marginalized perspectives, and domestic and international cultural contexts. 
  • Make aesthetic judgment through interpretation and critical thinking about a variety of theatrical genres, performance broadly defined, and performances of everyday life.
  • Demonstrate a sense of professionalism and independence through creative and intellectual engagement.
  • Collaborate on specific theatrical production requirements as past of a production team. 

no minor required

Students with specializations in theatre must complete a 21 hour core of coursework.

Professional Seminar Sequence

Theatre Majors participate in a series of three professional development and career preparation seminar courses designed to culminate in the senior year. Students begin with THFM 2980 Theatre Studies in Practice I , where they will explore professional theatre organization and various aspects of theatre-related employment. In this course, they will begin to identify career goals and create a plan to attain those goals. In THFM 3980 Theatre Studies in Practice II , students will build upon work done in THFM 2980 . They will continue to examine the basis of a successful career in theatre and theatre related fields while building and compiling materials to prepare them for the presentation of auditions and portfolios. Juniors will be evaluated by in-hours adjudicators at the culmination of the class and provided feedback for future improvement. THFM 4980 Senior Portfolio Review for Theatre  is the final course in the series. In this course, seniors will continue to document the work they have done in their major and present finished portfolios and auditions to external adjudicators as a capstone event.

Theatre Production Program

The Department’s Theatre Production Program serves as a laboratory for University students interested in theatre. Approximately four to six productions are presented each year, representing a wide range of dramatic literature in a variety of production styles, including both drama and musicals. The productions are presented in the Donnell Theatre and the Eva Marie Saint Theatre, both located in the Wolfe Center. Open auditions are held for all productions, and the entire University community is invited to participate. Opportunities are available for students to work in all aspects of theatre production, including acting, directing, designing, and crew work.


The Theatre and Film department offers grant-in-aid in acting, technical theatre, and film/video/multimedia production to qualified undergraduates. The grant-in-aids are awarded on a competitive basis, with students submitting applications, letters of recommendation, and completing a live audition or interview. Students interested in obtaining a grant-in-aid application packet should contact the theatre and film department office, 212 Wolfe Center.

Treehouse Troupe

Each year the award-winning Treehouse Troupe tours elementary schools throughout Northwest Ohio. Members of the troupe perform and conduct classroom workshops in participating schools.

Study abroad program

All BGSU undergraduate Theatre and Film majors may apply for participation in the BGSU/University of Wales student exchange program. If accepted into this program, students spend a semester studying theatre and/or film in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies at the University of Wales, located in scenic Aberystwyth. Site of the largest undergraduate theatre program in Great Britain, the University of Wales is also the home of the prestigious Performance Research Centre.

BG Perspective (BGP) Requirements

Must complete at least 1 course in each of the following:

   English Composition and Oral Communication
   _____________________________    ________

   Quantitative Literacy
   _____________________________    ________

Must Complete at least 2 courses in each of the following:

   Humanities and the Arts
   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________    

   Natural Sciences - at least one Lab Science required
   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________                                                                                      

   Social and Behavioral Sciences
   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________                                                                        

Complete total required BGP credit hours by selecting courses from any of the above categories:

   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________                                                                                    

University Requirements

Designated courses in Humanities and the Arts and the Social and Behavioral Sciences domains may be used to fulfill both the BGP requirement and one of the following university requirements:

Cultural Diversity in the US    ____________
International Perspective       ____________

Composition Requirement:
WRIT 1120                              

Total BGP Credits: Must be at least 36                      

Arts & Sciences Requirements

Foreign Language (_____ yrs of HS_______) or Culture Track.

If you had two (2 ) years of the same foreign language in high school, you may choose a four (4) course culture track.
   ________1010_________________    ________ 
​   ________1020_________________    ________ 
​   ________2010_________________    ________ 
   ________2020/2120____________    ________ 

Lab Science  

   _____________________________    ________ 

Multidisciplinary Component

Select from approved offerings, in consultation with an advisor and a faculty mentor. Four courses total, each with a different subject prefix. At least two courses at 3000/4000 level. Courses applied to the Arts & Sciences MDC may not be used to fulfill other Arts and Sciences degree requirements, nor may they be used to fulfill major, minor, BGP or other program requirements.   
   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________  

Program Requirements

Major Requirements

Total Hours:

Musical Theatre Specialization + Musical Theatre Support Fields I & II (31-38 hours)

Note: This specialization requires passing an audition for admission to the program and BOTH Support Fields

Support Field II (12 hours)

Dance Electives

Choose from: DANC 1070 *, DANC 1100 *, DANC 1150 *, DANC 1200 *, DANC 2070 *, DANC 2150 *, DANC 2200 *, DANC 3160 *, or DANC 3950 *
______    ______    _________________________
______    ______    _________________________
______    ______    _________________________
______    ______    _________________________
______    ______    _________________________
______    ______    _________________________
______    ______    _________________________
______    ______    _________________________
______    ______    _________________________
______    ______    _________________________
*May Be Repeated

For Graduation You Will Need:

  • 122 credit hours minimum.
  • Minimum GPA 2.00.
  • At least 30 credit hours of BGSU course work.
  • 40 credit hours at the 3000/4000 level.
  • Completion of all degree requirements, including the BG Perspective Core.
  • A major, and if required, a minor, specialization or emphasis.

Any substitution or waiver of courses required for your major or minor program must originate in the department/school offering the major or minor and must be approved by the College Office.

To ensure a timely graduation, see a College Advisor during the semester prior to your intended graduation.

Remember to complete an Application for Graduation by the end of the second week of classes during the fall semester or spring regular session, or by the end of the first week of the summer semester. For the specific dates, check your DARS. You may log onto MyBGSU to complete the online application. After the deadlines, you will need to complete an application in person in the College Office.

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