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Fall 2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
Fall 2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Specialization in Individualized Business, BSBA

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The individualized business (I business) specialization in the BSBA program is designed for students who want to obtain a broad business background or who want a business program tailored to their specific needs. The individualized business specialization may be chosen by a student who is interested in general management, small business, family business, or entrepreneurial firms, or interested in a particular industry or sector of the economy. A wide range of study areas, courses, and careers are possible.

Students are required to design the individualized business specialization in consultation with a College academic advisor.

BSBA General Degree Requirements

Students completing the Individualized Business specialization must complete University, general degree, admission core, and business core requirements for the BSBA degree, including admission to the BSBA program.

BG Perspective (BGP) Requirements

Must complete at least 1 course in each of the following:

   English Composition and Oral Communication
   _____________________________    ________

   Quantitative Literacy
   _____________________________    ________

Must Complete at least 2 courses in each of the following:

   Humanities and the Arts
   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________    

   Natural Sciences - at least one Lab Science required
   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________                                                                                      

   Social and Behavioral Sciences
   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________                                                                        

Complete total required BGP credit hours by selecting courses from any of the above categories:

   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________                                                                                    

University Requirements

Designated courses in Humanities and the Arts and the Social and Behavioral Sciences domains may be used to fulfill both the BGP requirement and one of the following university requirements:

Cultural Diversity in the US    ____________
International Perspective       ____________

Composition Requirement:
WRIT 1120                              

Total BGP Credits: Must be at least 36                      

First Year Experience

(3 Credits)

Admission Requirements

Individualized Business Specialization

(18 Credits)

  • I-Business Elective 1 
  • I-Business Elective 2 
  • I-Business Elective 3 
  • I-Business Elective 4 
  • I-Business Elective 5 
  • I-Business Elective 6 


(additional hours needed to reach 122 hours) and/or optional additional specialization or minor

BSBA Admission

(Must be met by 45 Credits)

BSBA admission requirements are:

  1. Completion of MATH 1260 , or BA 1600 , or MATH 1310 , or both MATH 1340  and MATH 1350  with a C or higher
  2. minimum 12 BGSU hours that count toward the degree;
  3. minimum 2.50 BGSU cumulative GPA;
  4. completion of four or more of the following courses with at least a C within 45 credit hours-ACCT 2210 , ACCT 2220 , ECON 2020 , ECON 2030 , BA 2030 , BA 2110 , BA 2120 , IS 2000 . However, all of the courses in the admission core must be completed
    # MATH requirement also satisfies Quantitative Literacy requirement

Admission decisions are made three times each year. All pre-business students with 45 hours toward the degree are reviewed for admission.

BGSU students planning on transferring to the BSBA program must apply for College entrance and pre-business status within 45 hours toward the degree or, in the case that 45 or more hours are transferred from another institution, upon completion of 12 BGSU hours toward the degree.


Students who do not achieve BSBA admission in the admission review are placed on conditional standing for one semester or 15 credit hours to satisfy BSBA admission requirements. Pre-business students on conditional standing may take 3000-level business courses, subject to completion of prerequisites, but may not take 4000-level business courses.

Students who do not achieve BSBA admission after the conditional semester will not be permitted to take 3000-or 4000-level business courses and must pursue other degree programs offered at BGSU or another institution.

University Hours Not Toward BSBA Degree:

Credit for the following courses count only toward total hours earned and class standing.


  • The checksheet should be used in conjunction with the degree audit and advising to track progress toward degree completion.
  • The calculus requirement, all required business courses, and courses required for the specialization must be taken for a letter grade.

Elective Courses:

  • Electives are courses that count toward the BSBA degree from any University area to fill the elective requirement.
  • See above for a list of courses that do NOT count toward the BSBA.
  • ECON 2000  cannot be used to satisfy specialization or elective requirements.
  • BIZX 4000 must be completed at BGSU.



NOTE: You can do internship for the entire semester.
You can swap the internship with a semester from the schedule above.
Resume from where you left-off.

Internships are highly encouraged as they do not only provide a way to bridge the classroom material to the practice, they lead to potential future employment with the company.
Study abroad and a second specialization or minor are highly encouraged. For more on your Specialization stop by BA 253 or visit

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