May 23, 2024  
Fall 2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
Fall 2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Aviation Studies, BSAvi

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The aviation studies major is designed to prepare students for responsible positions in general and commercial aviation. The major is organized around three specializations: aviation management and operations, aviation engineering technology, and flight technology and operations. All instruction leading toward Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flight certification is conducted in accordance with the appropriate Federal Aviation Regulations. All courses in the major (AERT) must be completed with a C or better.

All students are also required to complete coursework in areas of science and mathematics, BG Perspective, and business. Supervised cooperative education experiences, related to the specializations selected, are required.

The college restricts the award of credit for flight and ground training attained outside the BGSU Aviation Studies Program. The Dean of the College may make exceptions for certain qualified aviators.

After a student has enrolled at Bowling Green State University, all subsequent flight and ground training must be completed in residence at the University. Flight and ground training obtained elsewhere are not permitted without written authorization of the Dean of the College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering. If permission is granted to receive flight instruction elsewhere, academic credit is awarded by the University only if evaluation by the Chief Flight Instructor indicates flight performance and knowledge proficiency meet program standards. If no academic credit is accepted or awarded, a student is required to take approved elective(s) to satisfy total credit hour requirements.

Fees for the flight instruction courses are based on the approved Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) training course syllabus hours. Students may require additional hours to reach the level of proficiency required by FAA standards. In this case, additional fees will be charged to the student based on the additional hours a student has received. The initial fees and the hourly rates are approved by the BGSU Board of Trustees. Although a student may receive a final grade for the completion of the enrolled course, students may need additional flight instruction and/or practice to reach the level of flight proficiency required to pass the FAA practical exam for a particular certificate or rating. 

Flight fee refunds are based on the university lab fee refund policies with final approval by Bowling Green Flight Center.

FAA check rides and written FAA tests are not part of the flight fees. The student is responsible for the examiner fee and the aircraft rental for the check ride.

The Aviation Flight Technology program and courses do not qualify for GI Bill© or VA education benefits. However, many students are eligible for other military education benefits; Please contact Nontraditional and Military Student Services at 419 372-8136 or for further information.

All AERT concentration courses are offered during evenings on a five-year rotating plan.

Learning Outcomes

  • Upon completion of the baccalaureate degree, students in aviation studies are expected to:
  • Solve aviation-related problems using knowledge, skills, and aptitudes gained in the program to assure productive outcomes;
  • Maintain professional and social relationships with others in developing, conducting, and promoting safe aviation operations;

Additionally, students in the flight technology specialization are expected to plan, organize, conduct, and complete a safe and efficient flight in single-engine aircraft, in accordance with all legal requirements.

Aviation Management and Operations  

The aviation management and operations (AMO) specialization is designed to prepare students for career positions with airports, general aviation facilities, airlines, corporations, engineering and consulting firms, other organizations specializing in aviation, and auxiliary businesses whose primary customers are aviation-oriented and who require individuals with an aviation background.

The AMO specialization provides an interdisciplinary approach to management and technology systems and their application to the aviation environment. A benefit of the program is that a student can utilize the educational background in other disciplines, such as facility management or general management. The curriculum focus is on aviation, management, technical systems operation, and safety.

Flight Technology and Operation  

The flight technology and operations (FTO) specialization prepares the student for a career as a commercial pilot for the airlines, air cargo companies, corporate or business operations, and numerous general aviation positions such as agriculture, flight training, charter, air freight, and sightseeing. Flight and ground instruction is accomplished in strict accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations Part 141 and other pertinent regulations. Upon successful completion of the FTO specialization, the student will hold the following FAA certificates and ratings: Commercial Pilot-Airplane with single and multi-engine land instrument rating. Flight instructor certification for single engine, multi-engine, and instrument are also available.

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