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Construction Management, BSCM

The Construction Management major prepares professionals for careers with construction contractors, construction management firms, engineering/architectural firms, public agencies, and trade associations. The program is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE), the major accrediting agency for four-year baccalaureate degree programs in construction, construction science, construction management, and construction technology degree programs in the U.S.

The construction management major includes coursework in the BG Perspective curriculum, natural sciences, mathematics, business, technology, design, and construction. Graduates of the construction major receive the bachelor of science in construction management degree and seek professional careers such as construction project manager, estimator, scheduler, project inspector, superintendent, or material representative.

Cooperative education is a required part of the construction management curriculum that integrates each student’s academic work with professional experience. Students are encouraged to participate in the Student Construction Management Association, which is a combination of the student chapters of the Associated General Contractors (AGC), the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), and the Ohio Contractors Association (OCA).

Specific degree requirements are outlined in the schedule below.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the baccalaureate degree, students in construction management are expected to:

  • Apply construction management skills that include cost estimating and control, construction scheduling, construction safety, construction document reading, construction methods and materials, ethics in construction, construction technical skills, and computer applications in construction.
  • Exhibit construction business skills that include construction financing, business management, and personnel management;
  • Communicate effectively in oral presentations, writing technical reports, and critiquing the work of others.

BG Perspective (BGP) Requirements

Must complete at least 1 course in each of the following:

   English Composition and Oral Communication
   _____________________________    ________

   Quantitative Literacy
   _____________________________    ________

Must Complete at least 2 courses in each of the following:

   Humanities and the Arts
   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________    

   Natural Sciences - at least one Lab Science required
   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________                                                                                      

   Social and Behavioral Sciences
   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________                                                                        

Complete total required BGP credit hours by selecting courses from any of the above categories:

   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________ 
   _____________________________    ________                                                                                    

University Requirements

Designated courses in Humanities and the Arts and the Social and Behavioral Sciences domains may be used to fulfill both the BGP requirement and one of the following university requirements:

Cultural Diversity in the US    ____________
International Perspective       ____________

Composition Requirement:
WRIT 1120                             

Total BGP Credits: Must be at least 36                      

Courses Required for Major

Cooperative Education (3 Hours)

Course NameTerms TakenGradeCore
TECH 2890 - Cooperative Education
TECH 3890 - Cooperative Education
TECH 4890 - Cooperative Education

Concentration (51 Hours)

Course NameTerms TakenGradeCore
CONS 1010 - Topics in Construction
CONS 2590 - Construction Document Reading
CONS 3180 - Construction Surveying
CONS 3350 - Construction Materials and Testing
CONS 3360 - Structural Design
CONS 3370 - Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems in Buildings
CONS 3590 - Estimating and Cost Control
CONS 4060 - Temporary and Concrete Structures for Construction
CONS 4110 - Construction Safety and Health Management
CONS 4350 - Construction Methods and Practices
CONS 4400 - Construction Contracting
CONS 4420 - Construction Scheduling
CONS 4590 - Construction Estimating Computer Applications
CONS 4700 - Construction Capstone Project
ARCH 2710 - Computer-Aided Design for Architecture
CONS 3710 - Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Constructors
CONS 4000 - LEED and Lean Fundamentals

Career Electives*** (9 Hours)

  • Electives by Advisement Credit Hours: 9

Other Required

University Courses (23-24 Hours)

Course NameTerms TakenGradeCore
ENG 3880 - Introductory Technical Writing
PHYS 2010 - College Physics I **


PHYS 2020 - College Physics II **


GEOL 1040 - Earth Environments **


MATH 1280 - Precalculus Mathematics **


MATH 1230 - Mathematics for Architecture/Construct **


STAT 2000 - Using Statistics **


MATH 1150 - Introduction to Statistics **


COMM 1020 - Introduction to Public Speaking **

Business (18 Hours)

Course NameTerms TakenGradeCore
ECON 2020 - Principles of Microeconomics **
ACCT 2000 - Accounting Concepts for Nonbusiness Students
LEGS 3010 - Legal Environment of Business
MGMT 3050 - Principles of Organization and Management
  • Business Elective Contact Hours: 3 %
  • Business Elective Contact Hours: 3 %
  • Free Electives (3 Hours)

    (additional hours needed to reach 122 Hrs)

    Total Minimum Program Hours: 122

    Construction Management Program Notes:

    ** These courses may be also used to meet BG Perspective requirements, but hours are counted only once.

    *** ARCH 1100, ARCH 2360, CONS 2800, CONS 2350, CONS 3060, CONS 4370, CONS 4470, CONS 4800, CONS 4900, TECH 3020, ECET 2050, ENGT 3250, ID 1160, ID 4070, QS 3610, and SEES 4500 

    % ESHP 1010, ECON 2030, MGMT 3000, IS 2000, MKT 3000 and OR 3800, or see advisor

    • Overall Technology GPA mst be 2.5 or higher, and BGSU GPA must be 2.25 or higher for matriculation
    • Students must take 40 hours at the 3000-4000 level

    Please note: Due to the cooperative (co-op) education requirement, in order to complete the program in four years, it is necessary for the student to either enroll in co-op hours or course work during the summer as well as during the academic year. If a student is not able to do so, this program will take five years to complete.

    College of Technology, Architecture and Applied Engineering General Information for all students in the College


    All students in the College are required to complete 2 or 3 co-ops, depending on your major. THIS IS A COURSE. It carries credit and is graded. It is full time (40 hrs/week) for the entire semester or part-time (20 hrs/week) for two consecutive semesters, paid and must be directly related to your major. All students MUST complete the Co-op Orientation.


    Official University email accounts are required for all BGSU students. Official BGSU email addresses are in the form: BGSUusername@ At the time of admission or initial registration, all students will receive a email account. Students may anticipate that official University correspondence will be sent to this email account and they should access BGSU email on a regular and timely basis. All correspondence from Undergradute Student Services will be sent to your BGSU email.


    The checksheet should be used in conjunction with the degree audit and advising to track progress toward degree completion.